Client Profile:

Mangrove Veterinary Clinic (MVC) is parent organization that governs five independent locations currently. MVC is in the business of acquiring clinics and steps in and runs the operational areas of a Veterinary Clinic. This allows Veterinarians to focus their efforts on their patients and not the stress of day to day operations.


A previous client, Grant Watkins, reached out to Brad Berryman about getting some advice on management their documents. Grant and Brad discussed their needs regarding document storage and then proceeded to asked him questions about what output devices they are using. Grant directors all IT support from Mount Shasta to Los Banos, CA. All output devices did fall in his area of responsibility and he wanted to limit his time exposure working on or with these devices.


Working with the Director of IT, Tina Peters and Nicolette hooked up FMAudit also us to get a snapshot and good guestimate on current volumes. Initially, this was a case of choosing the least expensive vendor. However, Brad felt that RMC needed to look at this differently and provide a longer term strategy. Brad met with the CEO and CFO and explained how output devices with toner and services were great, but it wasn’t what they wanted. What they wanted was a way to enhanced the acquisition model and save ten of thousand that a penny or two a copy.

Why RMC Was Selected:

After the assessment, what set RMC apart from other vendors was that Brad was able to paint a picture of how RMC could help them mold a business acquisition plan. This plan required a phase one and two to accomplish for the large payback to occur.

RMC Solution:

In phase one RMC replaced all 25 output devices with new Samsung MFD’s and printers. The customer saved $500 per month over the previous solution in toner savings alone. In phase two savings can rocket to over 10K a month! Phase two is the implementation of a fully automated accounts payable solution allowing them to centralize all payables and receivables. Instead of using Fed-EX or a similar Carrier, information will be scanned directly into a process virtually eliminating the need for external site accounting staff.


The implementation has a lot of moving components with 5 offices, but phase 1 was implemented over a three week period.

Post Install Benefits:

After the installment of the solution the customer is enjoying the new devices, speed, efficiency, accessibility to service and cost savings.


This was a great collaboration between Tina Peters, Nicolette, Jeff Angstadt, Chad Saar, Alex Wilson and Brad Berryman. Everyone played a vital role in making the opportunity come together and provide support for the upcoming demonstration for phase two. Thanks everyone!