Client Profile:

Mendota Unified School District was established on April 4th, 1893 with 25 students enrolled their first year. Over 120 years later, the district has expanded to five schools with a total enrollment of 2,600 K-12 students.


Mendota USD was a target account for Christine Pillman in 2010 for a Document Technology Assessment (DTA). After a few phone calls, Christine was allowed an opportunity to present the DTA case study to the Superintendent, CBO and the IT director.


The DTA was assessed by two separate “walk-throughs” to identify all printers, copiers, fax machines and scanners onsite. The district had provided copies of the lease agreements, two current months of maintenance invoices and the previous fiscal years spread sheet of copier payables.
An assessment of 45 working days of volume during two peak months’ attendance months was measured. During the first walk of the sites, 17 Toshiba copiers (2 analog) were located. Most of these units have print/scan capabilities, but are not connected for functionality, some without print and scan capabilities. Additionally, we assessed 8 fax machines, 70 laser printers, 12 ink jet printers and 10 HP scanners. Only two of the seventeen Toshibas were currently leased, the other 15 units, quality and age varied, some units were up to seven years old. Overall, the district was paying monthly on 19 separate invoiced to their vendor.

RMC Solution:

With the custom DTA strategy implemented, we were able to design a managed program for Medota USD. The program included 90 day account reviews, the Fresno County Office of Education’s “Piggy Back” Agreement, replacement fleet of new Canon Advance series Gen 1/ Gen 2 multi-function products to provide all sites equal digital MFP functionality and a common refresh schedule to keep the digital MFP at current three to five year technology standards. Phase II plan set for MPS, Phase III plan for document management and fax server solution. This solution resulted in a fiscal impact of $30,732.40 in savings.


The implementation process of the RMC solution occurred over two days. All network settings for printing and scanning were provided by the customer prior to delivery to help keep the implementation smooth and free up the IT staff. All new technology was delivered on time and connected for printing and scanning the same day. Training was provided during the implementation and employees were offered follow up training if needed at any site.


The teachers and staff were happy with the new technology, noting that the new technology would allow them to be more productive. The Canon Advance series technology increased the end user walk up scanning speed; print/copy output speed and staple/hole punch capabilities.
The story unfolded over a 3 ½ year period. Once we were able to effectively convey the value of RMC and our DTA process, things started to fall into place better. The client wanted to see results, which we provided by a monthly cost savings of $3,500.
The deal will fund $160,000 in net revenue and MPS will bill by December of 2013.