Client Profile:

Pacific Homecare Services (PHS) provides non-medical in-home respite care for individuals with developmental disabilities, and their families.


Fubara began making contact with the client four months ago. He had a relationship with executive management and developed that relationship further by making personal visits. In order to secure agreement to conduct a document technology assessment (DTA), Fubara shared a listing of Ray Morgan solutions, and two pertinent Case Studies, describing potential benefits to PHS both in terms of cost savings and enhanced productivity. Client expressed interest in learning about ways to improve color output and document management overall.


The document technology assessment was conducted during a 30-day period. During that time a comprehensive study of all document handling processes was developed. The assessment was conducted without interfering with the daily operations of PHS. A reciprocal non-disclosure agreement secured confidentiality for all parties.

RMC Solution:

Based on the assessment, RMC consultants working with Fubara recommended a fax server implementation with enhanced sorting capability, and a new multi-functional printer (MFP) allowing for a greater color output.
Preliminary discussion centered on document management software took place as well. Digital document management was examined as an efficiency measure.


MFP install and training were accomplished seamlessly. The implementation of these new technologies in a timely fashion strengthened the client relationship. The contract was written as a lease over a 60-month term with full support coming for RMC technicians. Fax install proceeds soon when the new server arrives.


In addition to achieving greater output efficiency and acquiring color capabilities, PHS saw immediate improvement in overall OCE productivity. That will be enhanced further with the installation of electronic faxing (a lower cost solution to traditional paper-based faxing). More robust scanning rounded out the overall solution.
To amplify the point about the fax server and enhanced the time saving as well as improved business processes, the client processes 1,500 time cards every pay day. Receiving and sorting all that paper-based faxing was labor intensive and time consuming. In this area, electronic faxing was selected primarily to streamline workflow, but it carried cost savings as well in terms of time and materials.
In the future during routine account reviews, the expectation in PHS will be looking seriously at the installation of Laserfiche Document Management systems to promote even further their internal digital document management processes.