On March 6 & 7 Ray Morgan was part of the St. Jude’s Radiothon to help raise funds for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. While radio stations blasted the message for people to call in and donate; RMC employees were busy answering phones alongside other volunteers to help take down the many pledges made to the hospital. In those short two days the Radiothon was able to raise over 45,000 dollars! The participants were given an award plaque for volunteering their time to St Jude’s Hospital.

The RMC employees had this to say afterwards:

“I thought it was a lot of fun! Taking those calls and while knowing the money all goes to a great cause was such a rewarding and positive feeling”

-Tiffany C. Aiello

“I thought that this event was a blast. It’s such a breath of fresh air to see the selflessness that still exists in people today as the majority of it has been lost. Meeting new people that were there to support the same cause made it a very positive experience. The dynamic of people on the phone was amazing. From young kids all the way up to the elderly, all showed that there is awareness throughout that is helping grow this program. I will definitely be doing this on an annual basis and promoting to my friends and family.”

-C.J Runge

“I have always been a supporter/believer in Saint Jude’s organization and the amazing things they do for sick children and their families. So when the opportunity came up to get involved in the radiothon I jumped on it with NO hesitation!

During our two hour time slot, we spent time taking calls from donors and posting on social media to pump up involvement of friends, family and acquaintances to rally support for St Jude and to meet/beat the radio station’s goal! I hope to continue to be involved not only as a partner in hope, but in future events to raise money for such an admirable organization!”

-Gemma Blodget