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Technology runs our world. In fact, some experts predict that there will be 200 billion connected things by 2020! We’ve seen cars, homes, cities, planes, and more – all becoming connected to the Internet. The world is changing at a rapid rate and we depend on technology more than ever before. It’s necessary for our day-to-day lives – from booking a plane ticket to finishing a work document.

Have you ever been out on the road and your smartphone or laptop ran out of battery? For most of us, this is an incredibly stressful moment. Our contacts, files, calendar, all sorts of important information – inaccessible all of the sudden. This is usually when it dawns on us how vital technology truly is.

This dependence means we’re quite vulnerable when technology isn’t available for us. That’s why we must make sure our systems are available and secure at all times. Globally, the economy suffers $400 billion a year as a result of cybercrime. It seems like there’s a new attack every single day.

The fact is, cybercrime is more prevalent than ever before. Over the past few years, we’ve seen huge companies experience the devastating impact of cybercrime. Target, Home Depot, Yahoo, Anthem, JP Morgan Chase… These are just a few of the many huge companies that have been victims.

WannaCry, the biggest ransomware of 2017, impacted companies and entire countries alike. Most technology is vulnerable – computers, cars, home alarm systems, pacemakers, plane systems, mobile banking apps – we’ve seen it all be hacked in the past decade or so.

Cybersecurity isn’t to be taken lightly anymore. Companies of all types and sizes must prioritize keeping their sensitive information secure against hackers. Small businesses often think they’re immune to threats, but in actuality, they’re an especially huge target for hackers.

More often than not, small businesses think their data isn’t valuable to cybercriminals, but as long as your data is important to you, it’s important to them because they can hold it hostage to get money from you. The increasing amount of attacks on both individuals and small businesses highlights the need for better security.

Do You Need Cybersecurity Consulting to Keep Your Sensitive Data Safe?

In today’s day and age, most companies would greatly benefit from cybersecurity consulting. As a business owner, your first priority is keeping your business running at peak performance. You focus on your clients, sales, finances, employees, and more. Once growth happens, you start outsourcing anything that’s not your core competency.

Ray Morgan Company is the trusted choice for cybersecurity consulting in California & Nevada. We know cybersecurity is one of those specialized roles you can’t afford to hand over to someone who’s inexperienced. We specialize in simplifying the management of office technology and cybersecurity for over 25,000 organizations nationwide.

Those we serve experience robust security protection due to our cybersecurity consulting. Ray Morgan Company ensures the complete security of our clients as we take care of the following:

  • A risk assessment is performed to identify what needs to be protected with clear documentation of risks and recommendations to address vulnerabilities.
  • A disaster recovery plan is in place to ensure information technology is available with accessible data in the event of an onsite or offsite disaster.
  • A review of vendors is performed to confirm all vendors are practicing proper security measures if/when they are accessing sensitive data.
  • A security training program is created to keep employees up-to-date on the latest security threats and how to avoid them.
  • A layered defense approach is used including enterprise-grade firewalls, advanced malware detection, encryption, and more.
  • A variety of security policies such as BYOD, Internet, and password policies as needed to keep your staff following proper protocol.
  • And more, depending on your unique needs as our team has a proactive approach that lets you rest assured knowing you’re in good hands.

Our cybersecurity consulting is the preferred choice for businesses that understand cybersecurity is a business risk, not merely a technology risk. If you’re not actively securing your information technology, you’re leaving yourself open to an attack that could lead to:

  • Current/future customer loss due to mistrust throughout the public
  • Notification costs when the law requires those affected to be notified
  • Extortion losses occurring when hackers demand ransom fees
  • Potential lawsuits due to lost and/or stolen customer information
  • Revenue loss resulting from being down for a period of time
  • Electronic data loss as attacks can damage data stored on your computer

There’s no need to take unnecessary risks with cybersecurity consulting from our team of trusted experts. Cybercriminals can attack you from anywhere in the world and they’re becoming more sophisticated and complex as the days go by. Call us now at (800) 640-6065 to start securing your organization.

Who Is The Ray Morgan Company?

The Ray Morgan Company was established in 1956 to simplify the complexity and management of office technology solutions. Our team is headquartered in Chico, California with three regional headquarters in Roseville, Pleasanton, and Fresno. We also have 15 additional offices located in central and northern California and western Nevada.

We’ve grown to be the largest independent Canon dealer in the USA. We’re also one of the fastest growing RICOH dealers in the USA. We service over 25,000 organizations nationwide with robust security protection, greener print strategies, and various information technology services.

Call us at (800) 640-6065 or send an email to now to schedule an IT assessment. We’ll review your information technology environment for any risks or vulnerabilities that need to be addressed.

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