By Shawn Dyer

Multimedia Production Coordinator | RMC Video Production

On March 26th 2015 RMC video production traveled to Red Bluff California to film a case study with Northern California Child Development Inc. (NCCDI). NCCDI is a non-profit organization that provides early childhood learning programs including “Head Start” and “Early Head Start” to children and families in Tehama County, California. While we were there, we witnessed first hand the value of Ray Morgan Company’s document technology solutions.

NCCDI has purchased several scanning solutions from Ray Morgan Company. They currently have 13 portable and 15 Table top scanners which get used regularly. The first interviewee was Jennifer Torres, the Enrollment and Recruitment Manager for NCCDI. Jennifer loves the scanners so much that she has nicknames for them. When asked how the scanners benefit their organization, Jennifer told us that they help save time, increase efficiency and help manage audits. Prior to the implementation of the Ray Morgan Company scanning solution, Jennifer had multiple file cabinets taking up space and decreasing their efficiency when it came to looking up files. Now that they have the scanners, finding any file is a snap and NCCDI is able to comply with HIPPA privacy laws.

After Jennifer, we interviewed Brian Heese, the Executive Director of NCCDI. Brian expressed his happiness with the scanners as well. His favorite part of using the scanners is the ease of use and the level of accountability that they present. He expressed his frustration with the way things were before the scanners were implemented. This reinforced the notion that NCCDI is now more efficient now that they can do a simple system search to find the file they are looking for quickly.

NCCDI is a great addition to the RMC family of case studies. It’s great to see first hand how Ray Morgan Company helps organizations succeed, not just now but in the long run. The completed video case study is available to watch via the link below.