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Arrow Electronics’ Lego Paper Plane Machine as reviewed by Jacquelyn Lucchesi

Contrary to the usual consumer facing companies who unload marketing dollars for a commercial spin every year on Super Bowl Sunday – a new player has entered the arena, Arrow Electronics.  With an estimated annual revenue of 22.77 Billion FY14, Arrow Electronics, Inc Wikipedia’s page notes specialization in the distribution and value added services relating to electronic components and computer products.

With a tenure dating back to 1935 in this competitive space, Arrow Electronics teamed up with Elevation Digital Media this year to create attention to their fast growing work in the Aerospace & Defense vertical – with their “Lego Paper Plane Machine” Super Bowl 2016 Commercial.  By combining a simple mechanism; such as Legos and quotes from JFK, Charles Limberg, & Neil Armstrong – Elevation Digital Media has done an exceptional job in illustrating into layman’s terms Arrow Electronics contributions in the Aerospace & Defense field.  In the commercial viewers follow the path of the folding of a paper airplane, which is done solely by self-folding machine fully created by Legos – with a finale of launching the paper plane.  Arrow Electronics’ Super Bowl 2016 commercial proves itself as unparalleled by its ability to engage audiences both in an entertaining & educational sense.

Similar to how the Ray Morgan Company approaches our client partnerships; Arrow Electronics & Elevation Digital Media worked together to create a successful solution.

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Mountain Dew’s PuppyMonkeyBaby as reviewed by Cameron Stacy

This year’s Super Bowl was filled with a slew commercials. One shining commercial gem did arise! Mountain Dew’s Puppy Monkey Baby commercial. At first glance it would seem this is a commercial thought up by college students who had never taken a class in mass marketing. Take a closer look and it becomes apparent that this commercial is not only entertaining but meets all the expectations Mountain Dew puts forth with all their adverts.

The first part that this commercial achieves is humor and curiosity. Mountain Dew has cultivated a culture of “Doing the Dew” meaning to go out, explore and have fun. A strange creature emerging from the walls makes a viewer curious and elicits a few chuckles from a crowd, waiting with bated breath to see what’s next to occur. The final part, this commercial achieves, is something Mountain Dew has maintained since they first arrived on the soda scene: to stay different. Mountain Dew aligned themselves with more outrageous sides of humor. The Puppy licking the guy’s face while slowly reciting its name and dancing around the room gets a laugh and at the very least a confused giggle. At the end of the commercial the men decide it’s time to do something different and leave the apartment with drinks in hand and Puppy Monkey Baby leading them.

Not only is this commercial memorable, perhaps the most memorable commercial ever made, but it also continues along the path of Mountain Dew’s culture allowing them to retain their dignity as a brand. Much like Mountain Dew, Ray Morgan Company continues to be true to our culture of great customer service and care towards our clients, retaining our dignity as a brand.


HEINZ Ketchup Game Day 2016 Hot Dog Commercial | “Wiener Stampede” as reviewed by Chris Cartwright

The Heinz Wiener Stampede is my favorite super bowl commercial. This is a classic play on the name wiener dog and dressing them up in costumes that look like hot dogs. The real name of the breed is Dachshund, but due to their sausage shape they were dubbed wiener dogs.

This commercial will find its way into people hearts who are dog lovers, get the name correlation, love to eat real hot dogs, and did not realize that there are so many types of condiments that Heinz makes.

My favorite parts include when one of the dogs, that the camera is following, looks directly into the lens as it is running. Another part is the one little Puppy in the middle of the bigger ones and probably could not keep up the speed plus puppies are always cute. Slow motion was the perfect choice of speed, if you have seen these dogs run at full speed you know their legs are short so they don’t get too far off the ground plus they are so long they look like a teeter totter going back and forth.

I like what they did with the characters that played the different Heinz condiment options:

A Little kid was the dressed as a packet.
The organic sauce had a wispy beard and earth tone clothing.
The original glass bottle of ketchup was an older gentleman with grey hair.
BBQ sauce had a country beard with a straw in his mouth and cowboy leather chaps.

Just as Heinz offers condiments which compliment varying types of food, the Ray Morgan Company provides Document Technology & Document Management solutions for our diverse clients and their needs.

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