It is hard to believe that we are now 45 days removed from the end of the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia.

Only host country Russia took more medals that the United States. We gathered in 9 Gold Medals and had many brilliant, heart-stopping performances.

Our neighbor to the north, Canada, also showed itself well. In hockey alone, the game they invented, they scored Gold Medals in both Women’s and Men’s Division. The hockey gods truly rewarded them for their worship of the sport. You will find no country with more passion for hockey.

What makes a Gold Medalist? What gets an athlete to the medal podium?

Strangely, it does not differ greatly between sports and business.

Ray Morgan Company is a prime example. Even though it might sound like a cliché, every day the people of RMC work to be a Gold Medalist. We strive to be on the winner’s stand. Each action is designed with the customer in mind. In our circle, this is where we really win.

Some companies today focus on “stockholder’s equity.” It’s all about the dollar. In the end, the cost of a solution to a challenge is measured before the benefit to the customer. This has sure led some of today’s Mega-companies astray. However, it has become all-too-commonplace in today’s high tech equation.

I have worked in this industry since 1976. Although this has only been for three firms, I will celebrate my 15th anniversary this September with Ray Morgan Company. I take pride in the fact that while a lot has changed, some things have simply remained the same. The quest for the Gold Medal via Customer Service is one thing that, fortunately, has remained a constant. As a Sales Representative, I am glad it has endured the test of time and constant change.

It may sound self-serving, but RMC is not just an Olympic Hopeful. We are a Gold Medalist in Customer Support.

Years ago, we embarked on a “Customer First” Approach. It emanates down from the President and Chairman of the Board to the guys who drive the trucks and prepare our products for delivery. RMC gets it. We desire to have a long term, satisfying relationship with the companies that bless us with their business.

Rest assured, we could have gone the route of selling to a big company years ago. Heck, they still ask! Why do we remain independent?

President Greg Martin has stood firm that the employees and customers come first. How unique! I guess that is why we are one of the largest technology dealers in the Western United States. It really does make sense.

The next time we have the privilege of serving you, carefully measure our performance. We really do strive for excellence every single day. If we meet your expectations, thanks for being a good customer. If we do not, let us know!

We are dedicated to fulfilling your satisfaction. We want to keep that Gold Medal with each call. Our quest for honoring our customers is unequaled. You help get us on the Winner’s Podium.

-Jim Adams