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UNLV Digitizes Student Attendance Reports
UNLV would manually process sign in sheets for student attendance for different programs they offered. The process was time consuming and inefficient. With Laserfiche Quick Fields, they are able to automatically extract the information they need for accurate reports, saving countless hours.

Benefits Included:

  • As sign in sheets are scanned in, information about the student and classes attended is now automatically extracted from every page making metadata readily available.
  • Student information is grouped logically for each student in easily searchable fields.

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Harbor Regional Center Goes Paperless
With Patient Medical Charts
Harbor Regional Center (HRC) is an organization with over 250 employees, of which approximately 150 are counselors who serve over 18,000 persons with developmental disabilities. Each of these clients has a chart. Maintaining this chart in paper form is a tremendous burden for the regional center. Many clients start with the regional center at a very young age, and are with the organization for life, producing an extremely large record.

Besides the sheer volume of each chart, there is also the problem of daily intake of new documents for the client. When a new document for a client comes in to the center, the chart has to be found. Is it with a counselor, or is it in the filing cabinet, or somewhere else entirely? Once located, the chart has to be taken apart, and the document put in the appropriate location in the chart. Then the chart has to be returned to the filing cabinet or counselor. Consider this for the hundreds and sometimes even thousands of documents coming in each day, and it’s easy to see that a very significant amount of employee time must be devoted to this task of keeping charts organized.

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